What is Agave spirit?

Agave spirit is any spirit distilled from the Agave plant. There are hundreds of varieties of Agave. Very few varieties are cultivated with the majority found growing wild in Mexico.

The most widely known Agave spirits are tequila and mezcal. Tequila is a type of mezcal.

Like cognac and champagne, both spirits are protected under appellations laws. They can only be produced in specific ways and designated regions. Mezcal can be distilled from a variety of Agave varieties while Tequila must be distilled from the Blue Agave, Agave Tequilana Weber Azul.

There are two types of agave plants that are most common in the distillation of Agave spirits:

- Espadin: most commonly used in mezcal

- Blue Agave: all tequila

Our agave plants are the Blue Agave (Agave Tequilana Weber Azul) and are acclimated to Australia

How it tastes

Similar to wine, agave spirit showcases the unique character of the location and the seasons in the final spirit. We had the opportunity to harvest, ferment and distil a single crop from Ayr, just north of the Eden Lassie farm, to discover what Australian agave tastes like.

Our spirit displays the classic aroma of tequila: lime peel, cut grass and hints of honey. It then moves into a unique minerality, showcasing the flavour of the region and Australia. Australian agave spirit has a glorious fresh, dry, intensity that sits below the classic flavours of agave. These unique flavours lend themselves to oak maturation. The structure and minerality combine with the oak sweetness for a complex balance that thrives with extended ageing.

Classic Tasting Notes of Tequila

Lime peel, cut grass, honey with a dry finish, moving into herbaceous astringency with a sharp dry finish.

Classic Tasting Notes of Mezcal

Smoke, and savoury vegetal notes, dry herbs and dehydrated lime. Bold finish with long dry smoke, hints of vegetal sweetness.

Tasting Notes of Australian Agave Spirit

Honey and lime peel, fresh herbaceous mid pallet with cut grass, then moving into mineral structure and complexity. Clean finish of limestone and lime.

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Single-estate, Coastal Australian Agave from the Queensland Dry Tropics.
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